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How does a car engine make the wheels go round?
Before a typical car engine can make a car move, it has to convert the up-and-down movement of pistons driven by fuel combustion to the rotary movement of a shaft that turns the wheels.

Developing engine power

In the commonly used four-cylinder engine, power is developed when a mixture of petrol and air is compressed and ignited inside the engine cylinders. As the fuel mixture ignites, the hot gases that are produced force a piston down its cylinder.

The cylinders are phased to fire one after the other to give continual running power.
The pistons are connected by rods and bearings to the main engine shaft, the crankshaft, and as the pistons go down, they force the crankshaft to rotate.
The crankshaft has a heavy flywheel fitted at one end, to keep it turning steadily and to smooth out the motion of the pistons.

The flywheel also links the engine to the transmission - the system that conveys the power to the car's wheels.

see: Transmitting the power

What about other components?

When swapping an engine for one with more power other components may need to be replaced. The brakes for example, if the engine has much more power, up-rated brakes will need to be fitted. Another example is the battery; will the standard battery be able to power the new engine? You can often find the battery that?s required for specific makes and models online e.g. http://www.thebatteryguys.co.uk/ . Suspension is another component which shouldn't be overlooked. If the weight of the new engine is more or even less than the one removed, the suspension system should be reviewed.

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